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The Happiness Manual – 21 ways to stay happy no matter what

Everything that we do in our lives is with the ultimate aim of achieving happiness, or so we claim. We frequently set off enthusiastically on the path to attaining this goal, but often lose track midway, ending up at a miserable spot! And it leaves us wondering what went wrong and why is it so difficult to simply be happy?”
Happiness is a state of mind. It does not happen by chance, but by choice. You can be as happy as you choose to be. Happy people are not the ones who have no sufferings or challenges in life; but are those who have mastered the fine art of springing back to a happy state, even in the most challenging situations.
The Happiness Manual is an easy to read book with an enriching and powerful content. Using insightful anecdotes and stories it helps you:

  • Become aware of the tools you already possess, to alter your state of mind to a happy one.
  • Gain 21 powerful ways to stay happy despite the challenges that life is throwing your way.
  • Understand what kills joy, and reveals the key components of how to be happy.

You can only share what you have. This book aims at making a happier you, so that you can share your happy self with those around you and thus create a happier world.

Why this book?

There are several self-help books for happiness in the market. But what differentiates this book from other happiness books is that it gives you a deeper understanding about life and takes you to a higher level of consciousness through the 21 ways. This book will not only turn you into a happy person, but also transform you into an excellent human being.
The Happiness Manual is a practical guide with lot of stories, a ‘Step to Happiness’  and a ‘Happiness Mantra’ at the end of every chapter.


What is happiness?

Happiness is an innate state of our being. It covers a broad spectrum of emotions such as peace, well-being, contentment, joy, calm, faith, love, etc.

Is it possible to get happiness in life?

Absolutely. In whatever situation you are in, however challenging it may be, nothing can stop you from being happy, if you become aware of the fact that happiness is your basic nature.

How to be happy even while facing difficult situations?

For staying happy in any situation requires some work on self. You may have to unlearn certain things, do away with certain beliefs and develop a higher understanding about life. There are a lot of books on happiness available in the market, however,The Happiness Manualgives you 21 ways to stay happy no matter what!

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