Blogs By Aruna Joshi

Living in the shadow of Alzheimer’s

June 21, 2018

At 1:30 in the night there is repeated knocking on my bed room door. Startled, I wake up from my deep sleep, and open the door. What I see? My mother-in-law standing right there, smile on her face, saying, “C’mon let’s have dinner”. I stand there confused and frozen trying to make sense of what...

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A Salute to Womanhood

March 7, 2018

Whenever I have to travel to Churchgate for work, I prefer to take the local train. One of my favourite pastime during the train journey is observing other women in the ladies compartment and listening to their conversations. Majority of these women who travel by train are office goers. Those who stay at far-away places...

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How to Build Nourishing Relationships in the Digital Age

July 22, 2017

I belong to a generation where we played real games, we chatted real-time, and we could express our feelings in front of a real person and not through emoticons. When I say this, you may think of me as one of those old sententious women in her late sixties; but mind you I have yet...

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Five Ways To Beat Despondency

July 14, 2017

Have you observed that when you see someone in pain, you feel the pain too or when you see someone happy, it rubs on to you. When you read a news article about a rape victim, you feel angry. When you hear about a gruesome accident or a terror attack, you feel fearful. Even when...

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June 25, 2017

Do I exist, do I not? I ask myself,
Do I exist after I am born?, Do I still exist after I die?
If I exist, everything does, If I don’t, nothing really does.
Have you experienced an event, a situation or a moment in your life that has shaken you to the core of your being? Well, we all do at some point in time, right? Some of these experiences are intense and get deeply engraved on our psyche, while others may touch us superficially. Nevertheless, these are life changing experiences. They bring you at a point where you may either fall or rise.

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Journey of the soul, by the soul, for the soul – A travelogue

November 13, 2016

I believe we are here on this planet Earth to evolve and go higher on the path. Life gives us an opportunity to do this at every step. All our life’s experiences contribute towards our evolution. The visits to new places helps this process in a multi-dimensional ways. We not only learn about different cultures and people, but also about ourselves as a person. My recent solo trip to Europe has helped me in multiple ways to evolve in to a more confident and strong person.

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Karma & Me

November 4, 2016

There is a beautiful thought I read some time back. “It is always between you and God. It is never between you and the other person.” This powerful thought sums up the entire philosophy of life for me. It not only establishes my relationship with God in a very unique way but also gives a profound insight into the much talked about the Law of karma.

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My Relationship with God – Redefined

October 3, 2016

If you disobey elders, God will punish you; If you don’t pray, God will punish you; If you don’t follow the rituals, God will punish you. I was bombarded with many such statements while growing up. I come from a conservative Hindu family, where we took great pride in calling ourselves “God-fearing” people. There were

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