Books By Aruna Joshi

The Subtle Art of Dealing with People


Why are some people difficult to deal with while others are people magnets? Why do some people go unnoticed while others are unforgettable?

Be it in your professional, personal or social life, you come across all kinds of people, and to be able to deal with them can be challenging, yet rewarding.

The Subtle Art Of Dealing With People offers you tools and techniques, with real- life examples from the author’s life. It draws on your authentic nature to win with people rather than trying to impress them.

This book is a practical guide to:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Mastering the art of saying No
  • Building genuine relationships
  • Learning effective listening skills
  • Cultivating people skills for the digital age

Whether meeting people personally or over a video call, this book prepares you to influence people and make a memorable impact in every situation.