About Aruna

Aruna Joshi

Aruna Joshi is a passionate Writer and now heads the Editorial department in a leading publishing house in Mumbai. Her area of work is spirituality, self-help and personal growth. She completed a degree course in Architecture in 1993. Having practiced Architecture for eighteen years, she found her calling in writing and has now wholly given herself to the writing world. A creative genius – as addressed by many of her friends, Aruna experimented in various fields. Being blessed with artistic skills, she has been an avid painter, a designer and an amazing artist. Even though Aruna won praises for her artistic works, her heart always leaned towards writing. It has been a part of her life since her childhood days, though quite unexplored then. Her first brush with writing happened at the age of twelve when she wrote a set of poems. It meant a lot to her as it was her first baby step in the writing space. She liked the idea of putting her thoughts into words. Writing made her feel liberated. After completing her graduation she got an opportunity to work for the Architectural magazine. After her marriage, her writing took a back seat. She lost touch with it for some time. However, when she embarked on a spiritual journey, she had a revelation. It was kind of a spiritual awakening when she found her purpose of life which was to ‘help people heal themselves’. She realized the best way to do that was through writing and re-discovered her long-lost passion. Since then she has contributed towards many books on the subject.

A few of her articles were also published in Life Positive – a leading MindBody-Soul magazine. She also writes blogs on a regular basis. A creative and passionate person by heart, she puts her heart and soul in everything she does. Aruna’s writing has a flavour of spiritual wisdom. Her style of writing is simple and she uses a lot of examples to put through her point. Her books appeal to all generations and form an interesting and impactful read, motivating the readers to work on making a positive change in their lives.